Kate Taylor of Wellesley Describes Her Custom Framing of a Very Sentimental Photograph

(Without Coming To Our Gallery)

Kate Taylor Big Blooms

She Looks Absolutely Beautiful!

Kudos to Page Waterman Fine Framing for doing such a wonderful job framing my Big Blooms photograph by Paul Lange.

I work full time and my weekends are taken up with my children’s activities so I called Page Waterman to see whether they could frame a very sentimental photograph in memory of my mother without my coming to their gallery. The owner, Sturdy Waterman, indicated they are doing this frequently so it’s not a problem. The process went seamlessly as Sturdy emailed me pictures of choices and prices. After just a few back and forth emails, along with his excellent advice, I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the choice. Without even coming to their gallery, Page Waterman made the process easy as can be. And with their customer satisfaction guarantee, I never had a worry anyway.

I was so thrilled with the framing of Big Blooms I just had to send Page Waterman this picture.

Kate Taylor