Paintings and Drawings by Caroline and John Rufo


Rufo art show and reception at Page Waterman Fine Framing, Wellesley, MA

“First Sandbar”

WHERE: Page Waterman Gallery, 26 Church St., Wellesley Square

WHEN: September 19 – October 8

Friday, September 23, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


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rufo show and reception at page waterman fine framing

My current abstract paintings draw from ideas about artificial intelligence, chance operations, and linguistics. While this may sound very abstract and philosophical, the actual practice is pretty direct. I have a vocabulary of colors, marks and shapes which I bring together using a system of chance operations. By collaborating with dancers, musicians and other artists, my painting practice is energized. I am in constant dialog with ideas in my work, but the work itself always comes back to the basics; color, mark making and composition.

My subject and approach to painting is very different from John’s. But our shared education gives us a common understanding of the elements of visual art, as well as the importance of daily practice. I am always learning from his dedication to drawing and to the line-work in his paintings.

Caroline Rufo


In my landscape paintings I’m primarily focused on composition and light. Color is typically of less concern, though lately I have been purposefully working with a very narrow palette. In this I am definitely influenced by sharing a studio with Caroline. She is first and foremost a colorist, and this is a great asset to me as I work out my own palette.

Beyond the overall composition, I am very interested, and maybe a little obsessed, with continuing to experiment with the depiction of surfaces. How many ways can a sky be depicted and how many ways might that sky be read by the viewer? What happens at the intersection of two planes of color and how much work does the eye naturally do to complete the picture?… How much should I do to complete the experience for the viewer?

John Rufo


rufo show and reception at page waterman fine framing