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The Juried Art Exhibition for High School Students


The Virtual Gallery Experience is now open. Enjoy, and be sure to participate in the People’s Choice Awards.

138 art submissions have been entered. Good luck to all student artists.

Winners will be announced May 16.
Winning artwork will be displayed May 17-28.

  • Painting, Drawing and Printmaking
  • Photography
  • Sculpture

First, Second and Third-place winners will be chosen, plus Honorable Mentions.

Questions? Please CLICK HERE to email Ryan Black, or call 781-235-0430.


Keris Salmon

“I’m a former network long-form news producer now working as a photographer, filmmaker and textile designer, as well as a media consultant on independent television and film projects.”


"I’ve spent the past several years documenting...
…ante-bellum southern plantations and slave dwellings through text and image. As a journalist I am drawn to storytelling through words, and as a visual artist I respect the way an image can bring a text alive. As a filmmaker I’m refreshing the documentary form, working instead with still imagery. And as an African-American, I aim in my process to explore the many significant links between my peoples’ past and present.”
Allison Tolman

Owner at The Tolman Collection of New York.
“I have worked as a private dealer of contemporary Japanese works on paper for 25 years.”


"The Tolman Collection of Tokyo, my parents' gallery...
…is the world’s largest publisher of contemporary Japanese print editions and supplies galleries around the world. Having been brought up in Japan in this milieu since childhood, I have forged close personal relationships with many of the now established artists and been instrumental in bringing the younger generation of artists to global recognition. Both The Tolman Collection of New York and the Tolman Collection of Tokyo are known for our educational approach to print showing, for our tradition of buying entire editions and mentoring artists through exclusivity contracts, and for the pristine condition of the works that we show.”

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