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Application Form Testing

    I attest that the art submitted is my original work and that the descriptions are all true and accurate. I understand that my entry and signature constitutes the acceptance that Page Waterman can use all entries for promotional materials and on social media. Artists may not substitute, alter, change the price, nor withdraw a work after it has been accepted. If accepted, Page Waterman Gallery reserves the right to refuse any work it deems unsuitable or misrepresented. Page Waterman Gallery is not responsible for lost or damaged works. If un-sold or NFS, all works must be picked up on the designated days and times immediately following the exhibition.


    Testing FrontEnd Uploader Custom Form


    [fu-upload-form class=”html-wrapper-class” form_layout=”media” title=”Upload your media”]
    [input type=”text” name=”post_title” id=”title” class=”required” description=”Title”]
    [textarea name=”post_content” class=”textarea” id=”ug_caption” description=”Student’s Name and Email Eddress”]