One Week Only

Artists’ Spotlight

This Spotlight Features Professional Artists From Wellesley, Needham, Natick, Dedham, and Rockport.

Their New Art Will Be Here For One Week Only: March 2-10

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T.M. Nicholas

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T. M. Nicholas is considered by many to be among the most prominent painters of his generation and specifically of the Rockport School of Art.

T. M. Nicholas was born in Rockport, Massachusetts in 1963 and is the son of Tom Nicholas, NA, AWS. He has studied privately with his father and also at John Terelak’s Gloucester Academy of Art and the Montserrat School of Art, as well as workshops with noted California artists, Jade Fon, Morris Shubin, Millard Sheets and George Gibson.

He has received 97 awards from 1981 to the present, including several Gold and Silver medals.

Carrie Megan

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“After many years working as a botanical artist, capturing the minute details and ephemeral beauty of plant life in growth and decay, I have expanded my focus to take in the broad vistas of nature. Through the use of color and light, I work to distill the essence of a landscape, while narrowing in on the theme of horizons and how air, land and sea influence each other.

From NYC originally, where I began my career as a graphic designer and art director, I have lived and worked in Wellesley for almost 20 years, where I have raised my three children, with my husband. While painting landscapes, I continue to teach botanical art at Wellesley College Botanic Gardens.”

John Rufo

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John Rufo lives in Needham, MA with his wife and two children. John grew up in Waltham and studied architecture in Providence at the Rhode Island School of Design. His architectural practice is based in Newton MA. Though John has traveled widely through the US and Europe, including a year of study in Rome, he is firmly rooted in the culture, landscape and ethos of New England.

“Lately I’ve been focused on the depiction of objects in space, space itself, and the topography of surfaces, natural or man-made, that grounds the viewer in the scene. I believe that people respond to art when it connects with them on a personal level or in a way that transports them to a specific place, memory or emotion.”

Jeannie Celata

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Painting for me has always been as much about the process as the final piece. I love to experiment with color, texture, pattern and material; People often joke that my favorite art supply store is Home Depot. Originally from Buffalo, I live in Dedham with my husband, two daughters, my cat Doobie and my dog Ro.

Ryan Black

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Creating artwork for me has always been about demystifying the works I love and reverse engineering the process and journey it took to make them. I have a deep desire for learning about art and art history, and creation is just an extension of that passion. Because of this, I am always experimenting with new mediums and subjects and am never lacking for inspiration.

I live in Natick, work here in Wellesley and am always striving to be involved with and assist the local art community.

Nadine Geller

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When I paint, time stands still and the natural world reveals its mysteries. Through painting, I gain a deeper understanding of life and the world around me. My goal is to create works of art that come to life, whose narratives reveals the world of harmony and beauty that I strive to share with viewers.

My entire creative process revolves around the idea of painting light as the subject, or as Claude Monet called it, “the most important person in the picture”. Every time I paint, I strive to lay down my impression of light cascading over the subject matter. As a piece is further developed and rendered in greater detail, I keep adjusting values until light seems to be emanating from the objects themselves, revealing their essence.

Currently, my art is displayed in public spaces such as the Strand Theater in Boston, as well as private collections around the globe. I enjoy participating in many shows organized by the Oil Painters of America, Marblehead Arts Association (MAA), Wellesley Society of Artists, and the Newton Art Association. I have also exhibited at the King Hooper Mansion in Marblehead as well as the Il Décor Gallery in Boston, and was honored to win 1st place at the 2016 Spring Juried show at the MAA.


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Avocados by Nadine Geller
Last Light, Vermont by T.M. Nicholas
Ridge #1 By Carrie Megan

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Morning Horizon by John Rufo
Scorched III by Jeannie Celata
Copley Square by Ryan Black

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Nadine Geller, T.M. Nicholas, John Rufo, Ryan Black (not shown: Jeannie Celata)