Art Price List

1. Asilomar Surf oil on canvas 20”x20” $6,300

2. Timeless, The River Thames oil on canvas 30”x30” $12,600

3. Davenport Cliffs oil on canvas 20”x20” $6,300

4. By the Sea oil on canvas 30”x30”$12,000

5. Rocks and Foam oil on canvas 36”x36” $17,200

6. Rocks and Surf oil on canvas 36”x36” $17,200

7. Being and Time oil on canvas 36”x48” $19,400

8. Break of Dawn oil on canvas 36”x36” $9,500

9. Shoal Waters oil on canvas 30”x30” $9,500

10. Swells II oil on canvas 30”30” $7,500

11. Peggy’s Cove pen and ink 16”x19” $2,700

12. Mooring Buoys Cape Harbor, Southport ME pen and ink 9”x13” $2,200

13. Rocky Shore Study oil on board 10”x12” $2,000

14. Cozy Harbor, Southport ME pen and ink 10”x10” $1,700
(West Gallery)

15. Ocean’s Fury oil on canvas 30”x30” $12,000

Additional Pen and Inks available
Lobstermen on the Damariscotia, Edgecomb ME 10”x13” $2,700
Hall’s Harbour, Nova Scotia 8.5”x13” $2,700
Booth Bay ME 15”X19” $1,700
Point Lobos 14”x18” $1,700

20. Sunlight and Squam Lake woodblock by Matt Brown WMB012 $475

21. Gardens, Orange pastel/mixed medium by Aleah Koury PAK036 $2,450

22. My Reports #4 etching by Yoshio Imamura EYI080 $750

23. Celebration acrylic by Deborah Lloyd Kaufman ADLK6 $2,250

24. Gardens, Violet pastel/mixed medium by Aleah Koury PAK038 $2,450

25. Amity Hand embellished Lithograph by Toko Shinoda LTS107 $3,000

26. Takasegawa Spring woodblock by Clifton Karhu WBCK8 $4,500

27. Skylight etching by Shigeki Kuroda ESK5 $975

28. Golden Splash etching by Shigeki Kuroda ESK9 $1,600

29. Sprout Lithograph by Toko Shinoda LTS122 $3,000

30. Arrived Wind Lithograph by Toko Shinoda LTS123 $3,500

31. August etching by Shigeki Kuroda ESK1 $600

32. Praise del Rocha, 1990 woodblock print by Jason Berger WBJB1 $675

16. Spring Break Lunch 1976 oil on linen by Richard Luschek $4,800

17. Untitled (Primary) acrylic by Ursula Brenner AUB7 $2,200

18. Rhododendron series photolithography, monotype with chine-collé and hand applied leaf by Jane Cooper MJC60 $2,000

19. Untitled (Blue/Green) acrylic by Ursula Brenner AUB8 $2,200
Stairway left to right:

Yellow Light Coming Through archival print by Ken Elliott GKE102 $1,200

Soft Blue Progressions archival print by Ken Elliott GKE6 $1,200

Saccades II archival print by Ken Elliott GKE107 $1,200