“Timing is everything.”

…Especially now
for your holiday framing projects.

The worldwide supply chain challenges
mean we will all be well-served
to allow twice as much time
as usual for getting everything done.
And some of our vendors are seeing delays.

Please see us now for your
custom framing orders.

Schedule an Appointment for Custom Framing

…Especially if you have two or more framing projects.

Options range from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and we may be able to meet with you at other times as well.

Please use the scheduler here or call us at 781-235-0430.

Fine Art

As one of the first Galleries in Wellesley, we carry on a legacy of providing you with works of art by talented international and regional artists. Browse works by our Featured Artists, the selection in the Page Waterman Collection and more.

SHOWN: “Spring Bloom” by Gary David Hoffman;
oil on canvas; 20″ x 24″.

Our “Pink” special benefits you and the Ellie Fund.

Expert Restoration

Museum quality restoration services for oil paintings and antique frames.

SHOWN: Before and after treatment including consolidate loose paint and craquelure, face painting, remove from stretcher, relax tacking margins, remove irregularities from back, coat with Beva 371, prepare lining materials, line with Beva on Precap interleaf and G-10 rigid support, remove surface dirt, reduce discolored varnish, fill loss, inpaint, retouch and varnish.