Summertime Fishing by Shaunna Duffy Smith


Acrylic on board. 9-3/4″ x 7-3/4″. Framed. Click to view larger image (desktop). See below for more about Shaunna Duffy Smith.


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About Shaunna Duffy Smith

While traveling through rural New England, one will notice the beautiful landscapes that inspire the paintings of Shaunna Duffy Smith. She frequently paints New England scenes close to her heart and home. A native of Manchester, New Hampshire and now a resident of Merrimack, New Hampshire Shaunna enjoys creating “the ordinary landscape in an extraordinary way.” She says, “My favorite places are common ones.”

Her work reflects a variety of areas from lush wetlands to windswept winter scenes; all are everyday places that you and I pass by with just a glance. “I want to make people stop to really look at the beauty they are missing,” she states.

Shaunna works primarily from photographs and sketches. In addition, she returns to each location several times to become immersed in the surroundings.

“When on location, I take in the atmosphere, colors, and mood of the setting, so I can capture the essence of a particular place,” states the artist. Later… in the studio, she develops the painting.

Influenced by her artistic mother, Shaunna’s formal art education began early with private art lessons at the age of six and continued through high school. She graduated from Colby Sawyer College in New London, New Hampshire with a studio arts degree in drawing and painting. After graduating she became an art teacher and currently teaches in the Manchester school system. She holds a Master’s Degree in Education with an art emphasis from Notre Dame College.

As a member of the New Hampshire Art Association, the Pastel Society of New Hampshire and the Pastel Society of America, she has won awards in local, regional, and national shows. Her work is included in numerous private, public and corporate collections.

“I feel so fortunate, because art has enriched my life,” states Shaunna. “Hopefully, through teaching art and exhibiting my paintings, I can help to enrich the lives of others as well.” 


About Shaunna Duffy Smith’s Paintings

Whether painting in pastel, oil, or acrylic, Shaunna Duffy Smith creates rich, layered surfaces using a variety of brushstrokes and colors. Producing unlimited combinations of lush hues from a wide ranged palette, Shaunna focuses on the ordinary landscape to transform it into an extraordinary scene. Her work depicts common places in a beautiful and tranquil way.

Painting familiar New England scenes are her preference and passion. “My art is a reflection of the world around me, states the artist. I enjoy painting scenes to which I have emotional and personal ties. I want the viewer to experience the same feeling I have toward a place.”

The pastels and paints that Shaunna uses are created from the finest permanent pigments making them archival quality. These materials will not fade over time unless they are exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. The colors will stay as vibrant in the future as they are today . The paper and linen canvases used by Shaunna are also archival. They are acid-free and museum quality and should not yellow or get brittle. The framing is always professionally done, giving each painting a high quality presentation.
With proper care, Shaunna Duffy Smith`s paintings will last for generations to enjoy!


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