Blue Sky II by Joan Hayes [SOLD]


Watercolor. 17″ x 35″. Framed. Click to view larger image (desktop). See below for more about Joan Hayes.


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Joan Terese Hayes is an artist and art dealer living and painting North of Burlington, Vermont on the Lake Champlain Islands.

Burlington, Vermont
November 6, 1959.

Saint Michael’s College
Colchester, Vermont
Studio Arts 1978-1980

Daytona Beach Community College
Daytona Beach, Florida
Fine Art 1980

Mississippi University for Women
Columbus, Mississippi
Interior Design, Fine Art 1982


Joan was was not allowed to use her left hand in Elementary School.

As a child, Joan was forbidden from using her left hand.  Attending an elementary Catholic school, around 1960 she was reprimanded with rule whippings on her left hand, each time she returned.  After Joan’s mother Andre, a first generation Quebec immigrant, reprimanded the Nuns, Joan was allowed to continue using her left hand to this day.   As crazy as that seems, around the year 1960, the left hand was not considered proper.  Primary use of the left was dissuaded, scolded verbally, and finally whipping with rulers on the wrist of the wrong hand.  Left hand discouragement is a forgotten, odd fear of differences, that only 55 years removed from the enforcement.



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