Beer by Nadine Geller


Oil on board. 11″ x 13″. Framed. Click to view larger image (desktop). See below for more about Nadine Geller.

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Nadine Geller – Artist Statement

When I paint, time stands still and the natural world reveals its mysteries. Through painting, I gain a deeper understanding of life and the world around me. My goal is to create works of art that come to life, whose narratives reveals the world of harmony and beauty that I strive to share with viewers.

While creating a painting, my eye is drawn to everyday objects, colors, unique textures, and balanced arrangements. Yet, my true inspiration comes in a much more subtle but powerful form: light.  In my paintings, light creates a radiant atmosphere which sets the stage for the subject matter and reveals the beauty around us.

My entire creative process revolves around the idea of painting light as the subject, or as Claude Monet called it, “the most important person in the picture”.  Every time I paint, I strive to lay down my impression of light cascading over the subject matter. As a piece is further developed and rendered in greater detail, I keep adjusting values until light seems to be emanating from the objects themselves, revealing their essence.

The interplay of light and dark in a composition creates tension and balance, harmony and movement, and transforms an arrangement of unmoving objects into dynamic characters that each play a role in the story that my paintings tell. My greatest desire is for viewers to experience the moment of inspiration when the mind stands still and is able to perceive the radiance and grace of the natural world.

Currently, my art is displayed in public spaces such as the Strand Theater in Boston, as well as private collections around the globe. I enjoy participating in many shows organized by the Oil Painters of America, Marblehead Arts Association (MAA), Wellesley Society of Artists, and the Newton Art Association. I have also exhibited at the King Hooper Mansion in Marblehead as well as the Il Décor Gallery in Boston, and was honored to win 1st place at the 2016 Spring Juried show at the MAA. 


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