Summer Survey 2017

Welcome, and thank you for choosing to answer the following questions. Your feedback means a lot to us. It will only take two minutes to complete.

1) Who are you? (Required)
2) Overall, how would you rate your level of satisfaction with NEXT UP 2017?

3) What were the top three reasons you chose to participate in NEXT UP?

4) If you did not participate in NEXT UP 2017, please choose each of the reasons why.

5) How likely are you to participate in NEXT UP 2018?

6) Teachers/administrators, please pick the three most important resources we can provide you to inform students and their parents about NEXT UP! 2018.
7) Teachers/administrators, what more can we provide that will make it easy to let your students and parents know about NEXT UP! 2018?
8) Here are a number of characteristics of NEXT UP! 2017. Please choose up to three that are the most important to you.
9) Would you like to see an exhibition theme (to which students would create art to match)?

Adolescent Wellness, Inc., a non-profit organization based in Wellesley, was our charitable partner this year. Proceeds of students’ art sold was split 50/50 between the student and the charity. Please let us know your answers to the following three related questions.
10) How familiar were you with the charitable tie-in?
11) How familiar were you with the fact that proceeds were split between the student and the charity?
12) How important is this charity feature?
13) How can we improve NEXT UP? Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks, again, for helping us make NEXT UP! even better.